I just saw this about ten minutes ago on a local Facebook group page.- "Anyone hear gunshots off Memorial?" This was posted around 3:00 am. This person also was pretty sure that the Bismarck Larks had nothing to do with it. So why are the Larks always mentioned?

Several people said they heard shots as well

For those of you that do follow Facebook every day, and you live in Bismarck/Mandan - you are well aware of the frequent attempted stabs of humor regarding the Bismarck Larks - for example, someone may write in that they heard loud noises such as gunshots or something else that couldn't be explained - within seconds there will be a reply saying that the Bismarck Larks were responsible. After this person posted her comment, several others said they heard gunshots at the same time, and pretty much in the same area of town.

Bismarck Larks are known for their awesome post-game fireworks

So you can see now the reason why the Larks will always be pulled into any post that is asking people if they heard anything out of the ordinary. The running gag clearly isn't getting old for a bunch of people who always say "Larks game" - but for the ones that are concerned, and want answers that will help calm their nerves, it's pretty annoying

How unsettling is it for you to hear gunshots outside?

For me, it would definitely wake me up. Who knows what it could be? A robbery went bad, an argument that expanded into violence, and then comes the disturbing part -  waiting to hear any police sirens or the sounds of a car racing away at high speeds, with the possibility of a chase that ends up bad.

So let me know if you find out why shots were fired early this morning

Bismarck Larks ended their season a while ago, so you can't fool me with that one.

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