A lot of jokes are made about gamers and their lack of "game" when it comes to the ladies. However, I think we could all take a tip or two in the love department from this guy.

His name is Robert Fink and he and his girlfriend, Angel White, are both big gamers. So, he thought, "What better way to propose to my girlfriend than by creating a video game?"

Fink teamed up with a couple of friends, one of them a programmer, and created a video game in which a knight had to rescue a princess. Once the princess was rescued, the marriage proposal popped up on the screen.

Angel played, she saved the princess, and Fink caught her entire reaction on video for the world to see. Obviously, she said "Yes", because what woman wouldn't say "Yes" to a video game proposal?!

You can see more at the website PixelProposal.com.