This I can tell you will happen for sure, the top ten list of the greatest video games of all-time will definitely stir up some controversy. I want to point out a couple of things, ONE, these are not MY picks, so please don't throw your joystick at me, ok? Second of all, this "Top ten" was put out THIS year, which amazes me. This article I got this list from is titled The 50 Best Video Games of all time, according to critics. Ben Gilbert is the author. Metracritic has evaluated video games and has come up with their opinions. I am not basing MY own opinions on graphics alone, I mean take a look at what Tony Hawk's games looked like back in 1999, compared to say the Uncharted series - a monster difference. I remember October 1997 quite well. The very first Grand Theft Auto was introduced. This was a game I'm sure parents had no idea what was inside the plastic cover. All I can say is, that I found it extremely difficult after playing it for about two hours straight, to get in a REAL car and drive it three blocks to the store without running over someone.

The mindset of a gamer is to relax and submerge him or herself into a fantasy world, whether it be riding on a horse during a shoot-out, or controlling Mario with his pet dinosaur. Check out the following list yourself, and let me know what you think, click here 

Top 10 Video Games Of All-Time.