Well I've been living here in Bismarck now for about a year and a half, and in that time, I have found myself fortunate to have physically been IN a parade, and it's the coolest feeling around. Last May our whole fleet of cars rolled along in the "2021 Band Night Parade" - US 103.3, Cool 98.7, Hot 97.5, and 96.5 The Fox. With our different formats of music blaring, the crowds were energetic, alive, and just plain happy. Families took their favorite spot, candy was passed out, and being inside the Fox vehicle was just a kick, as people yelled out their appreciation and thanks - for our involvement - I returned those enthusiastic greetings with my very own. Today I just came back from the "Lincoln Days" parade - the results were the same - both young and old loved it.


         With such a devastating 2020, it's obvious people are grateful to be outside again

Last May, and then just this past 4th of July, it's an obvious feeling of relief, our freedom back again to be with others, at concerts, Bismarck Larks games, and parades. That old saying "You never know what you'll miss until it's gone" rang true as COVID-19 robbed all of us of almost everything we took for granted.

              Seeing so many share the moment is a wonderful feeling

The common link I felt between the "Band Night Parade", the HUGE 4th of July parade here in Mandan, and Lincoln day was a community getting together, and feeling proud to be a part of it. From start to finish, I felt honored to be in the line-up and representing our radio station. Scott McGowan from Cool 98.7 was right behind me in the sleek-looking COOL Mustang.I write this not to boast or anything like that, I just wanted to say impressed I was, for both events, and how comfortable it made me feel living here in Bismarck.


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