A Bismarck teen is living life large - this young man plays hockey, he's involved in lacrosse,  AND this guy can play a mean cello! All of this while being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two years ago when he was only 12. I can't even comprehend the amount of energy all of that must take - His name is Aidan Johnson, and just last week he received some fantastic news. According to KXNET, the family applied for a service dog through a nonprofit out of Kansas. Now some people may have a false idea that service dogs are only for the blind, not true. Aidan's father Nicholas found some crucial information “We did a bunch of research on service animals and diabetic lurk dogs so that they will alert for any highs and lows in blood sugar,” 

Which with all the stats I gave you earlier on how remarkable this 14-year-old is, the animal is very much needed. “As you’re active and the more activity you do, the more your body naturally burns the sugar in your blood,” So, you can go low very quickly without even noticing and he doesn’t feel his highs or lows”  Nicholas explained. The search was on - BUT it's not that easy.

Many of the service animal organizations the Johnson family looked into were going to charge them anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 for a dog. The nonprofit group in Kansas offered a way more affordable price of $5,000. Still, though this will be a financial burden for the family, extra costs involved (having to fly out there to bring the animal back to Bismarck). Nicholas mentioned some wonderful help from people here in town “We worked with the Mandan Dakota Lions Club and they did a 50/50 raffle where they benefited Aidan and his service dog,”  Here is where You can help out Aidan and show your support.



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