Here is another fact for you - it is NEVER a bad time to quench your thirst

Sure we have seen enough blizzards come and go through Bismarck and Mandan recently, and the temps are in the low teens -- does that make you crave lemonade? Well if you shook your head NO you'll change your mind once you enter the Kirkwood Mall.

This is not your typical neighborhood lemonade stand

You mainly see those in the summer, of course, rounding the corner in your neighborhood you come across a typical lemonade stand manned by two or three energetic kids. That is when Mother Nature is being nice. At Kirkwood Mall, a special stand was just set up - The owner Jeff Baker proudly presents Rez & World Famous Lemonade  - check this out, Jeff puts out more than JUST lemonade, there are at least 16 plus flavors, and some special seasonal ones as well. Jeff is a true citrus pro, according to KXNET "Usually seen at PowWows and traditional tribal events, Rez & World Famous Lemonade has now set up shop in Kirkwood mall" - His love for his people is obvious "“I say this, we started serving our people first and tribal people are always known for their uniqueness. There’s no other group of people in the world like us, and we have our own ceremonies and celebrations and that’s where we started with our own community doing powwows and small community celebrations,” You can check out their Facebook page for more cool info on Rez!  His magic will be around until March!


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