So, let me start out by asking you if you believe in UFOs? That question has been pondered over and over again since probably the caveman days. If you are not really into that, then how about the Loch Ness Monster? I know, let me bring up something that is much closer to home - Big Foot!

Somewhere around Remer, Minnesota lurks a rather tall....ummmm...something.

According to brobible there have been some reports of a rather tall "something or other" that have been seen around Remer, Minnesota  a town of just 388 people that calls itself the “Home of Bigfoot.” Back in July of this year, someone had a nice little moment happen:

                                     A road crossing driver was heading east creature was seen in the middle of the road and went North driver got approximately 300 to 400 feet away before it moved to the north every bit of 10 ft tall the semi truck driver said and black.

So were you out there in that part of town when that info came about? Do you believe there is some kind of extra huge enormous, ummm, SOMETHING walking around among us? Would this be a town you would like to live in? Knowing full well that the BIG WHATEVER might be plodding along in your back yard, nibbling at your dog's dish.

Check out this video from last year

Here is a video from last year of some would-be Big Foot chasers - rumbling around the woods with growling empty stomachs and making strange (what they think Big Foot would recognize) noises. I personally would rather wait until a "Try And Catch Big Foot" video game comes out.




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