You know that old saying "Must be a Monday"

We all have gone through the frustrations of having one of those days right off the bat where everything goes wrong. Maybe you spilled coffee on your white shirt OR something more serious like getting a falt-tire on the way to work. For me, I know right away when my head hits my pillow on Sunday night, that an enemy is lying in wait for me to sit down in front of my desk on a Monday morning. So IF I successfully put my cup of coffee down without any complications, for sure the computer just inches away from me was going to test my patience.

I guess I was too old school

When I went to high school, college....I had no idea that you could take a course on computers. After all, back then all we seemed to have was those nerdy hand-held calculators, computers weren't out on every desk like they are today. I realize that I may be way out of sorts when it comes to the skills of how to operate one of these. Now my question is, are you like me? Are computers your worst enemy? Do they always seem to stall or shut down on you?

I have a theory on this

I 100% believe that computers are like horses, they can see when a real incompetent clown like me approaches them. They can sense my lack of confidence in my bony fingers, therefore WHEN they provide me with a hostile attitude the end result is it is all my fault. Can you relate? Now I am done with my rant. Hopefully, this square machine will let me save this article so I can leave my desk and survive another mind-bending treacherous 5-day week.


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