Have you ever thought about getting your very own personalized license plate?

I'm sure you may have thought about it at one point, and then quickly dismissed the idea and went about your day. First of all, it's not as complicated as you think, if you are interested. It will cost you a little bit of money, AND you just can't have it say whatever you wish. I mean come on, we like to think we have certain good morals about us, PLUS there might be something that pops into your brain, a cute and clever little saying like "GO SKOL" - SORRY, that's been taken.

So it's as easy as forking out $25 bucks, right?

Pretty much. According to casetext.com "At the request of a registrant, the department may provide special license plates marked with not more than seven numerals, letters, or combinations of numerals and letters, upon application for a special license plate and payment of an additional fee of twenty-five dollars per registration period..."  Here is the thing, try and get clever with some backward, not immediately figured-out naughty little public message on your license plates, and eventually the Department of Motor Vehicles will get wise.


Back in 2016, a young man worthy of his privilege to drive a motor vehicle had this positioned strategically on the front, so do the math here ( or spelling ) - now take a look at the cover picture of this story, and whatever you do, don't have a mirror anywhere NEAR this photo. Ok? Are we clear on that? Sayanythingblog.com had this to report - Department of Transportation spokeswoman Jamie Olson was contacted and she confirmed that the plate was valid but that the DOT has since recalled it. " “We have already sent a letter to the individual recalling the plate,”  “We do have a committee in place that reviews personalized (vanity) plates for offensiveness. Unfortunately, this one made it through and was issued. It is highly inappropriate and most certainly violates our policy.”

So good try buddy, we are all holding our breath for your next little trick.

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