The legal age of 21 is what most bars in North Dakota enforce

There may be some restaurants/bars around the state that will serve minors food at their discretion - I'll try and explain it this way - according to "At the discretion of the owner of the licensed premises, an individual under twenty-one years of age may be permitted to enter and remain in a restaurant where alcoholic beverages are being sold ...(1) Is accompanied by a parent or guardian; (2) Is not seated at or within three feet [0.91 meters] of the bar counter; and (3) Does not enter or remain in the designated area after ten p.m.

Now that we have some of the restrictions out in the open...

...some bars make huge error judgments, and if they are caught, the penalties can be very strict. There is a bar in North Dakota that is accused of serving minors alcohol. Not just one, or two minors, but almost 20 in one night - posted a press release from Ward County Sheriffs Department - 

On March 3rd, 2024, at approximately 12:24 AM, the Ward County Sheriff’s Department received a report of underage individuals in the Whiskey Bandits bar in Sawyer. Deputies responded and located sixteen individuals less than twenty-one years of age inside the bar, all but two had been consuming alcohol. A seventeenth person was later identified as being present as well. As a result of the investigation, seventeen individuals were cited for minor in a liquor establishment and fifteen for unlawful consumption of alcohol by a person not twenty-one years of age.

Sawyer, North Dakota by the way has a population of 298 people

The owner of the bar was arrested.

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