Literally in the last 4 or 5 hours, Bismarck and Mandan residents have fallen hard in love

I confess - I'm one of them, for many reasons. Earlier this afternoon,  a friend of mine sent me a photo, which caught my eye immediately. I proceeded to head over to the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group page - check out what Lexi Muehler had to say:

"Hello everyone! I’m 17 and in between jobs right now. I’ve had a lot of free time and have spent that time crocheting. If you’re a low-income family with young ones and are struggling with being able to afford gifts, I’d love to give you some of my crochet octopuses to gift to your young ones. I only have what’s in the pictures, but am willing to make more! Feel free to PM me to find a time to meet. I’m hoping out of the goodness of people's hearts, they will be honest and won’t take from those in need. Happy holidays everyone!"

NOW take a look at these treasures... 

Lexi Muehler
Lexi Muehler
Lexi Muehler
Lexi Muehler


I wanted to know more, to talk to someone who genuinely cares for one another

I had a chance to get Lexi on the phone - She taught herself crochet about a year ago through the internet ( Heck, I am STILL trying to learn how to tie a tie through YouTube ). Six months later she had an idea to almost exclusively create tiny fun little octopuses, her sole purpose was not to gain any income for herself, she simply wanted to share and help others with the greatest act of love - from her heart. Takes her about 30 minutes to perfect an octopus if her hands are moving fast, otherwise about 45 minutes. Her first post of this afternoon was flat-out charming, and people all over town were falling in love with her talent and her warm soul:

"Bless your heart❤️❤️ these are flipping adorable!!"

"What a beautiful post! Thank you for your kindness!!!"

"Made with Love! You are a beautiful soul!"

"You are an amazing young person to be so kind and giving ❤️ those qualities will take you far in life"


*****Remember now, This all began this afternoon*****

Lexi was pretty overwhelmed with the response from her first post, so she smartly put together one more, and information on how YOU can help out if you wish:

"I’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support on my last post. There were a lot of great ideas given to me in the comments.
I will start selling them as well as donating them. For every octopus sold, I will donate another one.
Please PM me if you are interested in buying or receiving some (for free) if you are low-income with kiddos. I will attach photos of the ones I can make.
- $10 for one, or $25 for 3.
People also asked for my Venmo account to help with the costs of yarn.
VENMO: Alexis-Muehler"

Finally, I want to impress upon all of us, that Lexi is not doing this for any financial gain whatsoever - "I absolutely want to help people out. I LOVE seeing their eyes when they hold an octopus in their hands" Thank you, Lexi, for having such a huge heart and for bringing so much joy already to BisMan ME ( I'm getting MY octopus tomorrow :)

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