There's passion for running then there's PASSION for running. 

According to the Bismarck Tribune, James Botnen, a runner for 10 plus years in the Kindred area, made an interesting promise to himself.

On his 31st birthday, he decided that he will run 3.1 miles (the equivalent of a 5k) every day for a year.  He runs outdoors but when the weather is bad he'll hit the treadmill. According to him though,  " the no days off was more of an issue than the running himself".

There really wasn't a health issue with all that pounding his legs would take on the pavement, because in time his legs adjusted.

As he comes to the end of his self-imposed challenge, he does mention that there is a give-back element to it as well.

Donations to his effort will go to the National Kidney Foundation, an organization his family became aligned with about a dozen years ago.

Inspired by a TV report about organ donation, his father, Jeff Botnen, would go on to donate a kidney to a stranger.

Since then, the family has been involved in the foundation’s local chapter, taking part in walks and other fundraisers. The elder Botnen is pleased his son wants to do his part.

Through his 5k a day, he hopes to raise $1132.00 for the National Kidney Foundation.

To donate to James Botnen’s"5K a Day" you can click below.

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