Well, I'm hoping the title grabbed your attention immediately...

...because I saw this last week and I haven't forgotten about it one bit. If you find yourself hurting for some extra cash, there usually isn't much to do about it, is there? So when I saw this article, I was very cautious about it, making sure it was not a scam or anything like it. Now I do admit I haven't tried any of these, so you can check these out yourself.

Here is what caught my eye "6 Companies That Send People Money When They Are Asked Nicely"

This article came from icmglt.org - All I can say is it is definitely worth checking out. Let me give you the 6 in order that they suggest you give it a shot:

1. Get Paid to Play Bingo

You'll go head-head against other others on an app - good old-fashioned B.I.N.G.O

2) Get up to $250,000 From This Company

Sounds too easy to be true....worth checking out

3. Let This App Pay You up to $83 When You Win Solitaire Games

Who hasn't played solitaire a trillion times? There’s a free app called Solitaire Cash that pays you up to $83 every time you win.

4. Get a Free $225 in Cash

A website called InboxDollars will pay you to watch short video clips online.

5. Get a Free $80 for Playing This Cell Phone Game

Lots of us already play games on our phones for fun or just to pass the time. Want to see if you can win money at it? There’s a free app called Bubble Cash that pays you for popping bubbles!

6. Get Paid Up to $140/Month Just for Sharing Your Honest Opinion

Really? A free site called Branded Surveys will pay you up to $5 per survey for sharing your thoughts with their brand partners. Taking three quick surveys a day could earn up to $140 each month.


So I guess to wrap this all up...

...what do you have to lose? Investigate this yourself, who knows, maybe it will help.

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