Here in Bismarck/Mandan, we just had a bunch of high school graduations, and I'm quite sure you and your family were out there capturing every moment with your camera phone - for the most part, it was pretty routine, right? Well, see for yourself a video captured (yawn) of a young lady somewhere out in the USA receiving her diploma - Newsweek added "one woman has gone viral online for deciding not to smile at her high school graduation until it was absolutely necessary—and the internet finds it hilarious". Can someone please take a couple of moments and explain to me WHY America, heck, the whole world puts up with TikTok? I really am not trying to sound like the old man down the street that constantly yells out "You kids get off my lawn". I put up with all the latest social media fads, I have a Facebook page - I TRY to understand what is...ummm..HIP. I have tried to jump on board the TikTok bus, but I fall off every time.

One of the things that throw a monkey wrench at me is that The T & T videos are only 60 seconds long. I need more time and substance, plus in my opinion, some of the dumbest entries get way too many views, which blows my mind. That video that you saw earlier, Newsweek said that it "was shared on April 6, 2020, and has since received more than 16.5 million times, and surpassed 4 million likes" - So hey, maybe I'll make a video of myself taking out the garbage, how many spectacular views do you think that will amass?

So, are you hooked on this dumb thing, or do you think you'll be able to manage like maybe a trip outside, to like Lake Sakakwea, or catch a Larks game?



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