I started reading about it early monday morning, the excitement of those that checked their bank accounts, and saw a nice cozy $1,200 waiting, like a fancy private jet on the DEPOSIT runway. The "so-called" stimulus check is a reality! The facebook comments were priceless, the bragging, the "Ahhh man, where is MY check?", all of that and more. The coronavirus has forced many to "STAY AT HOME", it's closed businesses, and taken lives. When the government started talking about the idea, of trying to SAVE our economy, and attempt to keep our spirits up, it seemed far fetched to me. What a pleasant surprise to see that it's actually happening!

Have you decided yet what to do with your money? I saw where most people said, they will buy groceries, to stock up etc. The average "freebie" check will be around $1,200. NOT so for Charles Calvin. His bank statement added a few extra zeroes, as in HEY, here is 8.2 MILLION dollars. I'm guessing Charles could buy all of us out here in Bismarck/Mandan steak ( make mine medium rare please ) and lobster!. You want to know what an instant MILLIONAIRE looks like? Click here.



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