The info we REALLY need to hear is this-Just how long does this pain-in-the-you-know-what intend on sticking around? While business attire now consists of hazmat suits, slowly some good news becomes available. For one, the not funny 'SNL' has shut down until further notice, and now it appears that there is some news on how long the virus can survive outside the human body. Some staggering facts have come out, just how easy it is to become infected. With a simple cough, even when protected by someone covering their mouth ( which most people don't ), particles land everywhere-your clothing, on a desk, and they break apart into even smaller particles, floating in the air.

Where are we safe? Are we to conduct the rest of our lives living in a plastic bubble? The studies that are coming out, are starting to provide us more on how long, where the best/worst places corona hangs out. The ongoing fight against the killer virus could take some time, however, it is all of our hopes that we WILL be better educated soon. For more on this, read here.

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