The coronavirus has destroyed everything in its path, causing our economy to drop lower than a bassoon instrument. The death toll continues to climb, killing thousands, and murdering our entertainment. Theatres closed, events canceled months ahead. The "STAY AT HOME" orders have weighed heavily on so many people - some are fortunate to work at home. The "going stir crazy" has already started kicking in, and in some states, people are flocking to the beach. The creative way of feeding avid sports fans hunger is a huge task for sports networks like ESPN. I mean airing super bowl games from years past gets old quick.

Then we start hearing it may take a painfully long time before concerts can be held again. Everything I have mentioned so far is what our country is going through, many people are about ready to give up, but not a Mandan resident.

Brianna Helbling is standing tall, along with her group 'The Outsiders' - and bringing her neighborhood LIVE music, from her driveway. Her energy, enthusiasm, and spirit are EXACTLY what we need right now. Check out more, and sing along here.

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