Here is a list that I saw from It's a list of sports teams that fans HATE the most. The date on their list was back in February of 2019. My list is a little different. The Houston Cheaters was not one of the teams that Yardbarker put down, but most of us hate a cheater. Houston got away with murder. Stealing signs and banging on their dugout roof, the Astros Number ONE in my book of the Most Hated. The New England Patriots are a well-known hated team, we all know everyone hates a winner. Dallas Cowboys "America's Team" has been a pain in the butt for years and years - Owner Jerry Jones hated as well. The dreaded New York Yankees with their FAT wallets, and obnoxious fans, they have tormented the Minnesota Twins - 13 straight postseason wins. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Yanks are on top of many Minnesotans HATED list.

You will notice Duke on the list, first of all, they have Coach K, which seems to annoy everyone, BUT the biggest clown of them all - Grayson Allen - is a Blue Devil grad. Let's also congratulate this idiot for being on the "Biggest spoiled rotten piece of s**t" list. Last but not least, you will see many teams from Los Angeles on my "Most Hated Teams" roster, I am from San Diego, PERIOD.

Check out's full list by clicking here.  Feel free to compare their list to MINE.

Top 10 Most Hated Sports Teams.

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