24/7 Wall St. recently published the best and the worst state school systems in the country, and this got us thinking, where is North Dakota rank compared to the rest of the country?

24/7 Wall St. compared data from the latest edition of Quality Counts report supplied by Education Week. This foundation studies various areas in the state school system including schools finances, student activates and graduation rate among the states.

Obviously, the more money a state placed into the education system, one would suspect, the better quality education the students would receive and the better the graduating rate in the state.

After the research, it was determined North Dakota ranked #15 in the country. Top honors went to Massachusetts at #1.

Breaking down the numbers, in North Dakota, 69% of the children come from families with at least double the poverty level income.

And, in North Dakota, 68.8% of children are in families with incomes at least double the poverty level income, moreover, at least 64% of the children come from families with at least one parent with a post-secondary degree.

The states graduation rate is at 87.5% which is better than most of the country.

See the entire list here.

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