Deciding what to drink in Bismarck/Mandan can be an annoyance, here's some tips to simplify the process.

So it's the weekend and if you are not married  or even if you are, there is a distinct possibility you will go out tonight for a brew or 3. Here's a couple of ideas on how to make the decision on which type of alcohol to consume and why:

  1. Date night : Scotch and soda, scotch and water. The good thing about scotches are the fact that they are to be sipped over a long period of time and the buzz you normally get is a mellow one. Being mellow on a date always ends up good for you (y'know what I mean?). 
  2. Watching the game: Lite beer. Always lite beer. If it's your favorite team or the game is compelling enough for you to watch it all, you want a beer that will last for the entire game not have you black out at halftime. If you're a beer geek, go with the Pilsner.
  3.  Sunday Funday: Sunday is always frozen drink day. You want to relax, reflect and power down on your one day vacation and nothing says vacation better than a frozen margarita!
  4. Family parties: Shots with chasers.Tequila,Whiskey,you name it. Nothing is better than dealing with your prying /annoying and competitive family members than being 4 shots in and agreeing with everything they're saying even though you can't see their face clearly. And if you get sick, Hey you can be excuse!
  5. On the prowl: Jameson Irish whiskey and Ginger on the rocks in a small rock glass... Gives you that distinguished look without the bloating of a beer. Also very good for sipping and of course that casual convo.

Hope those Ideas were helpful, if you're looking for more insight though, has a good article.

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