Urban Dictionary is the go-to resource whenever you're looking for the definition of some slang you've never heard before. Did you know, though, that there are also definitions on Urban Dictionary for a lot of other things?

If you ever want to waste an hour or two, just head on over to Urban Dictionary and start searching for some of your favorite things.

For example, here's the top definition for North Dakota on Urban Dictionary:

  1. Not part of Canada
  2. Where most of the film 'Fargo' wasn't filmed

All right. That isn't exactly the most amusing Urban Dictionary definition I've ever seen, but it's also pretty factual. North Dakota isn't a part of Canada and 'Fargo' wasn't filmed here.

What about North Dakotan? How does Urban Dictionary define that?:

A practical person who doesn't take sh*t, hard working, hard drinking, entertained by danger, works as hard as he/she plays.

If that doesn't perfectly describe a North Dakotan, I don't know what does. But, the fun doesn't stop there. Here's how Urban Dictionary defines Fargo:

The act of extreme mutilation. Derived from the 1996 movie 'Fargo' in which a kidnapper feeds his accomplice through a wood-chipper.

And, then, there's this definition for Fargo:

A city in North Dakota that produces people who do not know how to properly pronounce "bag", "tag", "lag", "rag", "sag", "hag", "jag", "nag", "wag", "zag", or "flag". They seem to replace the "a" with "ay" and seem to take pride in the way they butcher the English language.

There are also definitions for other North Dakota cities, like Bismarck, though they're very, very crude and fairly offensive.

So, if you want to find out how Urban Dictionary defines Bismarck, you can go search for it yourself.

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