We come across so many things in social media that have a negative undertow to it - in better words, they put a lousy taste in your mouth after you read it. Real-life stories that share the goodness in others here in Bismarck/Mandan is what I absolutely love the most - and this is your perfect Bismarck "Feel Good" story!

Yesterday on a warm lazy Sunday afternoon

Relaxing on the weekend is a must, and yesterday, Sherri Lee Williams did what so many others do on a warm Sunday afternoon, she went to the zoo with her 4 and a  half-year-old grandson Brooks. Basking in the warm sun, boarding the mini-train about ready to cruise around the park, Sherri made sure to share a bit of life's experience and warn Brooks of the evils of being too careless - you see this young man brought along his favorite toy. A little green monster truck nestled in his hand.

The train chugged along when disaster struck

Not sure who or what to blame, whether a ripple in the tracks caused the mini-disaster or it was something else - but the young man's beloved toy left his hand and fell out of reach. His cries were loud and genuine. Sherri could only watch - a hero without a cape was about ready to pounce

Fate introduces us to a new hero

His name is Brayson, an older boy out at the zoo with his family. This young man saw the little green truck fall out of the train. Without any hesitation at all, he raced to grab the toy and then proceeded to run like the wind to try and catch up with Brooks. Let me have Sherri explain the moment, as she posted this earlier today on a private Facebook group page - "The train was passing by the buffalo, nearing the end of the ride, and out of nowhere this boy, red in the face from running in the heat, reached in to give my grandson his little green monster truck back. And then the kid was gone. We were happily yelling thank you so loud in hopes he could hear us" Sherri found out today who the boy was, his mom saw the post.

"Wonderful moment in life"

I saw that same post this morning and knew I just had to try and reach her. She told me on the phone "What a wonderful moment in life it was for her" - Brayson ran all that way, through the heat, to deliver the toy back to Brooks. Sherri told me that she hopes her grandson learned something through this - This is how you are kind to others. As I got ready to hang up with Sherri, she told me that Brooks "has a new Real-Life SuperHero" - So do I, Sherri.


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