You know that old phrase "it's only a matter of time"

In this case, it certainly could, and the big question is "When will this happen in Bismarck?" The very idea of AI just taking over all the jobs in this country, maybe the world is quite frightening. How soon will robots be replacing humans? Heck in this one instance, there is a fast-food restaurant in California that you can walk into and observe the entire staff of robots behind the counter.

World's First AI-Powered Restaurant Now Open In California

On December 28th of last year, AI World Facebook posted this:

"World’s First Fully Autonomous Restaurant Opens in California

CaliExpress by Flippy is the world’s first fully autonomous restaurant powered by artificial intelligence. This innovative venture is the result of a collaboration between Miso Robotics, Cali Group and PopID. At CaliExpress by Flippy customers will enjoy delicious meals prepared by Miso’s robotic cooks who can handle all cooking tasks quickly and precisely"    CaliExpress by Flippy had this to say about their mechanical help - Their restaurant is run by all robots - from the second it takes your order ( I'll be anxious to see if unlike MOST drive-thru places, they actually get your order right )  - then you can stand back and watch AI magic - as the robots will cook your burgers and of course cooking the french fries to perfection.
SO...when will this happen here in Bismarck and Mandan?
I wouldn't be surprised one bit if it's sooner than later. I seriously hope that PEOPLE will still be given the right away, if you will, over AI robots.

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