The colder days are coming, that's not a news flash

Those who are from North Dakota are well aware of just how quickly the temperatures can drop. We just witnessed that over the past weekend, with Saturday feeling like it was below 0, then yesterday rolled around and we were basking in the mid-'30s. We are already in mid-December and it's pretty safe to say that the idea of eating outdoors at a restaurant is out of the question. Right?

When you have a restaurant that sits right there along the banks of the Missouri River, you need to share with your guests

This is such a brilliant idea, and I never would have ever imagined it. According to the Paddle Trap Facebook page, this past weekend they unveiled something way cool to all of Bismarck and Mandan. "Thank you to everyone that came out for the first weekend in our Igloos! There was a bit of a learning curve on these for us and we really appreciate everyone’s excitement and support! It was soo much fun!!! Our reservation taker is getting caught up on inquiries and will be back at taking new reservations afternoon tomorrow"

Now you can literally dine under the stars OUTSIDE in the winter

From the looks of things they have three Igloos set up outside on their deck, so yes it would be a good idea to make your reservation, and you can do that by texting 701-220-6702. I spoke to Karla, one of the managers, and she said people just love it. If you happen to still find yourself a tad chilly out in the igloo, the Paddle Trap will supply some blankets.


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