One of the most patriotic people I have ever come across

His name is Jim Swartout, you can't miss him when you are out and about somewhere, he'll offer you a firm handshake and plenty of positive, patriotic words about our country, PLUS he may even offer you a small flag - He started a flag pole business back in 2016 - a marine veteran, he is well known from Williston all the way to Fargo for installing flags and poles - and he loves it, so do we for that matter - he is known to all of us as the ND Flag Pole Guy.

He has thrilled so many people over the years

One of the highlights from last year at Bike Night - Sickies Garage Burgers and Brews - Jim would come by and hand us a flag to give away to the crowd in the parking lot, you should have seen the sheer joy on a young boy's face, beaming with pride, as he delicately held his new prize. That's the gift that Jim shares with others.

Here is your chance to be a part of something special

Here is what US Flagpole Guy posted on their Facebook page recently:

"US Flagpole Guy grand opening celebration on Friday, September 16th! Come visit our new sew/showroom located at 3930 21st ST SE, Suite 510 Mandan ND 58554. Scott Hennen from What's On Your Mind will be live on location from 9 am to 11 am. Dickey's Barbecue Pit will be serving lunch from 11a - 3p. It's going to be a great time".

Make plans for this event, and meet a terrific guy.

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