Back in September, an incident took place in Mandan that left us at work shaking our heads in disbelief...

..."How in the world could this happen?" was the common sentence we asked ourselves almost immediately - I mean within minutes we all pretty much figured it out and had answered our own question - "How in the world could this happen?" Take a second and look at the cover picture of this article. Have you ever had this happen to you?

The color yellow tends to scream out at you when you just realized it's underneath and on the side of your vehicle

So here is the scenario - one of our employees back in September took the bright red 103.3 US truck out just before lunchtime, he was gone for about an hour. We are located at 4303 Memorial Highway, on the strip of course - and on that particular cloudy day, there was some evidence that sometime that morning the center divider - the middle yellow lines - had been freshly painted. How do we know that? Well for one, here is another snapshot of our truck:



Some of the lines on the road had some splatter marks on them

When the driver of our US truck came back to work, he immediately saw this ( How can you not? ) - So whoever did some work here in Mandan that morning on the center lines, why were there not any signs posted? Also, wouldn't this make more sense to paint EARLY in the morning when there is hardly any traffic at all? I find it hard to believe that our truck was the only reciprocation of the unwanted yellow paint. Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know? If the city of Mandan is at fault for this, do they take care of the damage? Most of us who live in North Dakota do the best we can to get around town during the construction season, signs posted well ahead of any road closures - but there were NO signs, no warning of possible yellow paint that could end up on your nice shiny vehicle - sure didn't make sense to me.

Here is the thing, PEOPLE are human, and PEOPLE make mistakes

It's taking care of the mistakes and after-effects that really matter.

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