*** I wrote this back in February, I had the chance the watch this unfold, a textbook example of a father/friend - a story of support, love, and never giving up - today I think of many dads out there that have the same kind of relationship with their kids. It's truly inspiring, and it makes me think of my very own dad, somewhere up in heaven hanging out on a cloud doing what he loves, playing country music on his guitar. ***

I lost my father over two years ago

It never stops hurting, some days out of nowhere I'll be driving home and recalling my dad ( the coach ) taking our team to the batting cages, feeling extra incentive to do better than everyone else. I wanted to make him proud, as simple as that. I never did excel at little league baseball, unless you consider striking out like 36 times in a row at the plate is something to brag about ( I'm pretty sure that record is still intact ) - the memory that hits me the most is watching my dad with a clipboard in his hands, calling out our line-up for the game that day. There is something about sports and your father. Years later, when I was 18, my dad and I watched hockey on television for the very first time in our lives, the 1980 United States Olympic "Miracle on Ice" Hockey Team. We never did watch another game after USA won the gold, but it's something I still will never forget.

I witnessed my first hockey game in person last year

I finally saw a real-life hockey game in person, a Bismarck High Demon Win. In the last two years, while working at Townsquare Media, I have been fortunate enough to observe a father and son relationship. The highs and lows of competition. The dad providing color for our radio station's play-by-play coverage of local hockey, his son a driving force on the ice. Through his Facebook posts, it was obvious just how bursting with pride he and his wife are. I witnessed a senior losing part of his season to an injury, his dad right there with him sharing the pain. The hours and hope of rehab were endless.

Time goes by like a blink of an eye

Just last Saturday the senior had everything come to an end, his team fell to Minot eliminating them for the season. His last day on the ice, but only for now. Imagine watching your son his whole career, experiencing every single moment, and then suddenly it's over. A father and son sharing what they love so much, the dad envisioning a championship trophy in their living room. These are golden times that they will never forget, I feel fortunate enough to have read about and heard about all their games, wins, and losses. I never really had the chance to tell my dad the bond I felt, with him, during those special hockey games back in 1980. I share with you now one of the most sincere father posts I have ever read, one that will make us all think of the times we had or still have with dad.


Smiles and triumph, competing, and together as one, both father and son dealt with a possible career-ending injury, and they overcame that by working even harder

Somewhere in heaven, my dad is still bragging about the one rare time his son didn't strikeout.



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