"...we would give the shirts off our backs to help anyone. Breaks my heart this happened - WHY would anyone do this?"

A great question that needs to be answered. Here is what took place - a typical thieve or thieves may have seen a quick window where they could enter the backyard of Amy Milius the day before yesterday - they swiftly made off with 12-year-old Zoey Pospishil's bike - ok I know what you are thinking, another story of a young kid's two-wheeler getting ripped off, but hold on, this wasn't your ordinary bicycle.

Diagnosed with a severe case of autism, Zoey loved doing what all kids do

Here is what her mom Amy Milius posted on her Facebook page:

"Please help us find this bike! This bike was stolen out of our backyard in the middle of the night. Not sure why someone would take a special needs bike? Please if you have any information or have seen this bike call 406-340-0364 or you can call the police department in Bismarck. Share this please!"

Zoey had the bike for about a year and a half - this was built for her by New Motion - a company that is nationwide and specializes in complex rehabilitation equipment, as you can imagine it's not cheap. The bottom line here is this, Zoey loved her bike, as all kids do - this was a special way she could feel free outside with her mom or dad by her side. Living with autism is not an easy thing for anyone to go through and any activity that brings joy to Zoey is HUGE.

To the person or persons who was involved with this crime

Do yourself a favor and do the right thing. Get a hold of the police and return the bike. Allow yourself a second to think about the pain you caused and for what? So you can try and disassemble it and sell some parts that mean absolutely nothing to you? YOU have a chance to redeem yourself and restore some faith in humanity, I mean come on, WHO steals from someone who has done absolutely nothing to you? A bike built ONLY for a special young lady with a disability, and now it's gone. Take a long look at yourself, you are the one that will have this on your conscience.


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