There are some people I know who are like that

Here in Bismarck, I live in a three-story apartment building. I got lucky when just over 4 years ago I moved from Minot to Bismarck to this place sight unseen. Sure I saw pictures on their website and asked a few questions like "How far will I be from Mandan?" ( where I was hired )  - what's the neighborhood like? Just simple questions. I live in a nice place and the building is pretty quiet and very clean - HOWEVER, in the last couple of months, someone or some people have completely snubbed their noses at their neighbors - ME. I'm talking about SMOKING cigarettes INSIDE!

I don't live inside a bar ( even bars you can't smoke inside )

The part that irritates me is this  -  unless you know for sure that your building is privately owned, and it's OK to light up while watching tv, then what makes you so special that you can blow all your damn smoke INSIDE? Here is the thing, I smoke cigars and I look forward to the day when Bismarck or Mandan will have a cigar lounge, where you can legally smoke inside.

To be fair, I've only had to report "Indoor smokers" twice in my building

The company that I rent from is the best - I was with IMM in Minot for about 3 years, and I have been with IMM Bismarck for 4 years - I don't get a kick out of trying to get anyone in trouble - BUT I get more frustrated with the sheer ignorance displayed by some people. By the way, it's not like it's minus 7,000 degrees outside - put on an extra jacket and smoke outside...PLEASE. Thank you

**** A simple polite text was sent out...

"Residents: Just a reminder that there is no smoking allowed in the building of any kind at any time. If you notice the smoke smell coming from a unit please report it to the office. Thanks!" 

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