YES, we are in the month of November, and YES the temps are dropping, however...

...just last Wednesday was an ideal day for getting outside and taking a quick ride around Bismarck and Mandan - a 74 degrees day! Was this a sneak peek of what's happening tomorrow - Monday the 7th? I think it was, check it out.

1144 Missouri Ave is the place to be tomorrow from 11 am - 7 pm

What a great start to a new week,  Vivié Scooters embarks on Bismarck, opening day if you will - Free cider & cookies will be available, AND you'll get your first look at some amazing scooters. Talk about the chance to feel free, and SCOOT around town on a sharp-looking bike, this is it! Well wait, won't the winter put a damper on all of this? Let's just stay positive.

Chris and Linette living their dream

So why Bismarck, North Dakota? From the moment they first enjoyed the freedom of riding a scooter, they were hooked. Here is what the owners of Vivié Scooters Chris and Linette shared on their website - - "From the moment we rented a scoot in Florida on vacation, we were hooked. The fun, the comfort, the no gears just turn and go was amazing. You can't not smile riding a scooter. You can zip, fly, and park almost anywhere. 100 Smiles to the gallon. If you are looking for cheap transportation for that work commute or a day in the sun, or a night on the town with that special someone, a scooter is for you. It's just so romantic!" It all begins tomorrow, check out "... our wide selection of models and brands. Some of the best scooters in the industry. A style for every personality"  I say treat yourself right, do it!


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