Wouldn't you think that the title of this story would make perfect sense if you had a business to run in Bismarck/Mandan?

So with that, now take a close look at the picture of this article. Does this look promising to you? See any cars parked close by or easy access for people hoping to cross the street to get inside the establishment? If you are an owner there is a lot of room to build up a complaint here, take a look at what Brick Oven Bakery posted on their Facebook page this afternoon ( Friday, September 2nd )

"9 days and still no work being done. Support small businesses before there is no business to support"

I'm sure you can just imagine all the comments that came flooding in after this post, several expressed their frustrations when encountering this themselves, the appearance of the picture says it all - when a business has to somehow convince others that they "Are still open for business" can be a real drag. There were also some really positive people that wrote their thoughts, such as "What if the construction company that was hired to do this project was extra shot handed?" That actually sounded quite logical to me since it seems like all over BisMan almost every place is having that issue.

Brick Oven Bakery down on 112 4th Street IS OPEN

Yes, they are, just stay as patient as you can, and before you know it progresses will take shape. Bad timing though with the three-day holiday weekend coming up.

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