There is no way I thought this was real - the split second I heard about this from a friend, I just thought he was pulling my ears...

...then he sent me a video. The question is - "where the heck have I been?" How could I have missed this spectacle? Now it's your turn, think of an extremely popular sport played with a round ball, with two ten feet tall hoops on both ends of the court ( usually inside an arena ) - You would call that basketball, wouldn't you? So what would you call it if all the players individually sat on a donkey while trotting up and down the court?

A No-Brainer - "Donkey Basketball" - wow

Like I said before, I never ever would have thought this could be possible, but it is, and as a matter of fact, this took place last night:

Well if you missed it, and didn't get a chance to witness this event yourself, tomorrow night at 7:30 at the Turtle Lake-Mercer School the exciting action of Donkey Basketball will continue. I have many questions I'm sure I won't receive the answers to, but can you try and dunk? Can a donkey get called for TRAVELLING? ( an obvious rule violation, but does it pertain to the donkey? )

Turtle Lake-Mercer Facebook
Turtle Lake-Mercer Facebook

All the players look to be wearing helmets, so safety is a must. The ball is smaller, yet the action looks just as fast as normal basketball.

Stacey Schmitt Facebook

Lastly, this is definitely a family event for all ages, please make sure you watch your language - the donkeys will be highly offended if you call someone an A**.

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