So maybe this sign has been up for a couple of days ( or weeks ) - I just noticed it yesterday

You know how you can drive the same stretch of road, or highway for days, weeks, years, and suddenly you notice a "sign". That's what happened to me and everyone  else last month on the 94 - driving back to Mandan after lunch I saw an actual road sign that said "Take Turns"

Traffic Forum
Traffic Forum

Ok I'm not as dense as I look

I quickly realized after a couple of seconds ( maybe 10 or 15 of them ) that the sign was telling me to do just that. To play nice with one another and exhibit some roadside manners - "The Zipper Effect" - two lanes being squeezed into one, so therefore "You GO, then I'll GO" - make sense? I also quickly forgot that summer was almost here and roadside construction was beginning. Well judging by a rash of comments on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group page, many people besides myself had also forgotten.

A sudden Monday jolt that our roads are going to get pretty crowded and angry very soon 

However, I believe that the grumpy motorists have erupted already. Pretty hard to believe that we tend to forget all the roadside hassles right up until the first day of backup traffic, alternate routes that take us 4 and a half minutes out of our normal routine. So instead of pounding on your steering wheel with your fist and screaming out offensive words, let's all "Take Turns" in the art form of patience - remember "North Dakota Nice"


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