If you love podcasts, there are a ton of them out there

The first thing most people think of when they hear the word "Podcast" is usually some  "Theatre of the Mind" - This is not always the case though when you can go on YouTube and watch someone interviewing a guest, like The Joe Rogan Experience. The same concept is there, but obviously, it's visual.

The expression "Theatre of the Mind" best describes what most podcasts are

Most podcasts are in audio form, and you can pretty much find "any topic under the sun" covered in a podcast - just type in what you are looking for in Google. Midwest Murder Podcast is unique because the two hosts tape their show LIVE, in front of an audience. They have performed in North Dakota many times.

Jonah Lantto and Dawn Palumbo

You can be in the audience at the Belle Mehus Auditorium on Friday, April 26th -

Midwest Murder Podcast Facebook
Midwest Murder Podcast Facebook

Here is a little bit more info on what their performance is all about - from a Midwest Murder Press Release:

"Midwest Murder, the chart-climbing, independently produced true crime podcast turned TV show is recorded with a live audience. From very humble small-town beginnings in an even smaller basement podcast studio, this Minot, ND-based pod is a certified, top 200 globally trending true crime hit that recently became the Sunday night primetime feature on BEK TV(Midwest Murder: True Crime Stories, Sunday nights at 9 pm).   Sometimes the details of the most horrific crimes that happen in our neighborhoods are lost in the back pages of newspapers, forgotten on our news channels, and eventually erased over time. Midwest Murder LIVE is much more than a podcast recording, it’s a captivating experience presented by two genuine people with a passion for storytelling"

Here is your chance to be a part of something special...

I think you will find yourself fascinated - go check it out!

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