Click Here to see a prank gone terribly wrong. Most of us have seen or heard of the movie JACKASS - where a bunch of no-talented goofballs is causing mischief. At least though they had enough common sense to put out one of those "Do not try this at home" messages on the screen. Well, 26-year-old Jobe Jay Lunski tried his idea of a prank inside a Grand Forks dealership where he was an employee - all of his attempt at hilarity, captured on video, ended up causing an injury and thousands of dollars in damage. A real clever prank indeed.

Here is what happened, last year in May, at Lithia Ford Lincoln dealership, Lunski was working in the repair shop when he decided to saunter over to the middle of the garage with a lighter in his hand. Imagine now, INSIDE a garage where there are cars being worked on, and you know, vehicles run on gasoline right? Brainchild Jobe sets the lighter down and watched in horror as the flames shot out and trapped a couple of innocent mechanics that were working on a vehicle. One unlucky employee ( on fire ) ran through the flames while the other guy quickly followed suit. Mr. funnyman briefly was lit up as well. When everything was over, one worker was sent to the hospital with minor burns, and Lunski sat around waiting for the police to arrive.

The aftermath of his cute trick isn't pretty, last week Jobe was charged with endangerment by fire, ordered to pay $16 grand in restitution - and a year in prison, but more than likely he'll spend about 3 months behind bars with the rest of the 9 months he'll be free unless he violates any of his release terms OR if he tries another idiotic cute prank.



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