Well even if you don't ***receive a morning paper ( like in the good old days )...

...you still were in for quite a surprise if you happened to venture out onto your front porch this morning -you know for a nice "smell the fresh air" stretch. This North Dakota city had a special guest running around their streets. A video was taken of a black bear bouncing along some pretty nice manicured lawns in a neighborhood in Grand Forks.

How often have you seen something like this? 

I'm going to guess for a lot of people they never have. I spoke to several native North Dakotans here at work  - one such person told me that north of Minot maybe, like out by Lake Metigoshe State Park - Bottineau, ND. I'm hoping those human beings who do run across a black bear take it very seriously - "Come here boy...want some of my steak?" - I wouldn't recommend that at all. So take a deep breath and remember this...

...According to the North Dakota Game and Fish, North Dakota does not have a known breeding population of Black Bears in the State.

Almost a year ago Rick Rider from our sister station US 103.3 wrote an article on this.  "Even with that being said, bear sightings in North Dakota are on the increase.  The North Dakota Game and Fish says we average about 5 to 8 sightings a year" Check out the whole article here. So let's take you back to this morning - here is the 14-second video of a Black Bear cruising around a Grand Forks neighborhood -

***There was a time not long ago when a newspaper would be thrown on your lawn early in the morning :)

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