I saw this billboard today on the street here in Mandan

I stood there for a couple of seconds, munching on the hot dog that I just bought from Cenex - I work at Townsquare Media - across the street from the sign. Here is what is says ( tell me what YOU think ) :

       "Who is a Social Host?"

       Any person, adult or minor, providing a location for underage drinking 

 NOT IN MY HOUSE    A Parents Lead Initiative


Now you can obviously choose to interpret this in a couple of ways...

A) "Well hey look, I'm a parent, we have two teenage kids. My husband and I would rather have our kids AND their friends over and drink alcohol at our home, than out on the streets" - Okay, first of all, I remember a long time ago when I was in my teens. A SAFE environment meant no alcohol or drugs, period, I really do believe there are a great amount of parents who believe that it's perfectly acceptable to provide booze to minors in their private residences.


Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. That's what it is, and it is a class-A misdemeanor according to casetext.com "Any individual who by any act willfully encourages, causes, or contributes to the delinquency of a minor or the condition of a child in need of protection as defined i n section 27-20.2-01 is guilty of a class A misdemeanor"  Let's say your stereo was too loud at your home, and the police were called. If they observed minors drinking alcohol behind closed doors, you could receive a ticket. So yes that's the first interpretation...

...Here is B)

This is what believe in, don't make your home a private haven for minors to have the idea that it's "perfectly safe and legal to drink alcohol" - as long as there are supervised adults on hand. What kind of message are you providing for your kids and their friends? The wrong one, and in some situations a deadly one. There are NO safe areas or places for underage drinking. Period.

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