This disturbing sad trend continues

The whole thing is just sad, restaurants that we all have come to enjoy in the past, seemingly all of a sudden post that haunted message - the apologies to the business's customers are always sincere. Some places will indulge more information on why they chose to close their doors for good. Here in Bismarck, we just had a very popular place say "Goodbye" to us recently, Whether it is a new restaurant or a business, it is always a risk when you are just starting out. Johnny Carino's first opened their doors in Fargo almost 20 years ago, and now suddenly they are closed - permanently.

"Carino's Fargo will be closing permanently as of Sept. 13th, 2022. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause"

This was the post that Carino's put out yesterday on social media. Several attempts from different media sources reaching out to anyone from Johnny Carino's have not had any response. A local newspaper in Fargo had its readers three years ago vote Carino's as the Best Italian Restaurant in town. It is hard to imagine the shock of getting ready to come to work one day, and then hearing that your place was just closed abruptly.

So...what do you think is going on?

Here in Bismarck and Mandan, we see and hear all the time of places that have cut their business hours back, or maybe be closed an extra day of the week - is it that hard to find people who want to work? WHY is there a shortage of keeping employees on staff? Could this be one of the reasons that such a popular place ( Carino's ) had to suddenly close their doors for good? Sad


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