The second I saw this picture last week my very first thought was...

...that this has got to be from a homecoming or something special like that. The two people are both wearing identical sashes and crowns. Then I took another look and realized that the two people were men. Sadly I knew right away that this photo would bring out anger and awful comments. North Dakota State University made a decision that turned into controversy. I understand the value of traditions, I also believe that our ways of life have changed so much in the last twenty years, and something like this should not stir up such hatred.

Zachary Quirk and Connor Dilse were crowned NDSU's 2023 Homecoming royalty during the annual Homecoming Show and Coronation 

Last Friday North Dakota State University held its annual Homecoming Show and Coronation in Festival Concert Hall. According to "Zachary Quirk and Connor Dilse were crowned NDSU’s 2023 Homecoming royalty" Within a couple of hours after posting this on their Facebook page, they basically shut off the comments section - in other words, you couldn't reply back. The hate and anger poured out. People were confused and irate that there was NOT a Homecoming KING and QUEEN. Once again it goes back to traditions that we are all brought up with - so how about a NEW tradition?

North Dakota State didn't owe anybody any explanation, but they chose to say this...

..."Several years ago, students eliminated the gender requirement for homecoming royalty. The NDSU student body votes for two members of the court to become royalty. The two students who receive the most votes are crowned and honored during the coronation ceremony" --My hope is that we all can accept this and realize that TWO PEOPLE just had a tremendous honor bestowed onto them and that it doesn't matter one bit if these two people are men.


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