I don't know how you would feel, but I think it would be cool to be living in the 'Ugliest House In America'

I'm also guessing the town of Blue Earth, Minnesota ( population of just over 3,000 ) wouldn't mind the exposure and fame that comes with the title of 'The Ugliest House In America'. Noel Johnson, his wife Renee, and their four kids live in what once was a funeral home. On the phone this morning, Noel told me that in years past, he actually has been to several wakes there. Growing up in that area, one of the things he loves to do is fix-up homes so people can live in comfort, and I wondered if there were any fears of when he and his family moved into the ex-parlor. "Not at all," Noel said.

This spirited home is one of 12 houses total that is up for the prestigious Ugliest House in America prize

Just last Monday, Johnson's place was the first to air on HGTV. The winner will receive a $150,000 home renovation. With the summer not too far away, Noel and Renee are expecting their 5th child, and the prize money would obviously help add to their property. My question of course was not original, how did their home come to attention in the first place? After they paid just $60,000 for the house back in October of 2020, Renee sent out a bunch of entries to different shows, one of which was “The Ugliest House in America”, and the rest, as they say, is history. Here are some pictures Noel sent me, I actually think this is a cool house ( except for the history of it, that would always make me uneasy) 

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