Looking at the aerial picture of this picture really shows its true length

When was the last time you passed by Honeyford, North Dakota? Located 237 miles away from our capital, if you are out there in that area, you may have caught your eye on something that seemed to stretch for miles.

Farmers Elevator Co. of Honeyford has a hand in this long train

Just recently workers at the Farmers Elevator Co. of Honeyford, North Dakota are stepping up their game so to speak. Here are the headlines on a short description from spotonsouthdakotaHistory made in North Dakota with the longest train in the U.S. They go on to say "The 8,500-foot-long train that was loaded earlier this month at the Farmers Elevator Co. of Honeyford could help agriculture keep its competitive market edge"

Imagine if you had your own train set at home? Some hobby enthusiasts would literally foam from the mouth if they had 142 rail cars.

Try and guess off the top of your head ( Whatever the heck that means ) just how long 8,500 feet is. Does your high-tech watch ever send you out a daily message on how many steps you have taken in a day? Well if you walked or ran 1.61 miles that would tell you how far 8,500 feet is. I watched the video inserted in this story and AGWEEK YouTube mentioned that North Dakota's oldest co-op elevator made history, becoming the first in the U.S to load an 85-hundred foot unit train. The idea is that the "larger train you ship, the cheaper the freight is to get it there" Kevin Peach, manager of Honeyford Farmers Elevator. Makes sense to me.

I'm guessing one MORE thing that makes even better sense, be sure you don't get stuck at a railroad crossing waiting for this 1.61-mile snake to slither past


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