Have you ever run across a bully in high school? Someone who feels so insecure with themself, that they pick on the weak. The sad thing is, some people may continue their blind hatred all through life - just looking for a target. This past year has been rough on all of us. The many that have lost their business, closed for good. Lives lost, and COVID-19 running rampant. There are a few people here in Bismarck, that have unfortunately found themselves in the line of fire - Bismarcktribune.com reports that a second Bismarck public official who has helped in the response to the coronavirus pandemic - has been harassed and physically threatened. 

Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Director Renae Moch, and Bismarck City Attorney Jannelle Combs have been verbally assaulted, dragged through the social media mud, calls for both of them to be fired. Combs said that as part of her job she has spoken to local businesses about state health orders and the city's former mask mandate and business capacity guidelines so that police officers don't show up.

Renae Moch - was mentally attacked back in September - vicious name-calling - including being called a tyrant and a Nazi.

Mayor Steve Bakken took a stand yesterday, before the commission meeting, and made a statement directed towards ignorance and flat-out bullies. "It is never acceptable to attack our city staff for doing their job. This is the second staff member attacked personally this fall very publicly and there will be no more of that. It will not be tolerated,"

Amazing that some people never change. They roll over their disdain for life and try to intimidate those that are just trying to do a job. The Mayor speaks for most of us - his point is crystal clear - To threaten anyone, physically or mentally, is a cowardly act - plain and simple.

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