To all that own a cat, you will relate to this blog. I have two, a one and a half-year-old, and a 7-year-old feline that is as big as a Volkswagon. On my days off, I marvel and envy the laziness these two critters possess. There is an unwritten rule, that when the lights go off, humans fall asleep - YET cats go completely nuts. All the energy saved from their daily siestas is spent causing havoc and destruction when their owner is sawing wood. Just a personal warning to those that have a younger cat, with razor-like claws, NEVER hang your feet over the bed when sleeping ( My scream and several curse words were heard as far as Fargo ).

Meet my new hero - Aaron Brown. He adopted his cat just recently from a rescue group ( The absolute best thing you can do ). The new furball owner quickly came to suspect that Tormund was having a blast caterwauling in the wee hours, so he set up a video camera to capture the craziness. Check out more on this Here, and enjoy the video :).




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