Who doesn't love to see live shows? Some really good ones are going on sale this Friday and we have the scoop.

One of the great things about coming to a new town is you get to enjoy a little authenticity. That's what you get when you go to see Johnny Lang Live; authentic North Dakota Blues!  He's announced a Fargo Theater date on June 28th with tickets ranging from $47.50 (plus fees). Definitely manageable for a great show.

If you're into psychedelic vocal bands from the 60's, Three Dog Night might be a show you would want to check out. They're coming on October 4th to the Fargo theater with seats ranging from $45-$85. Mama told me not to come was one of my favorites from those guys and one is no slouch either.

I always felt a good barometer on how a potential girlfriend can be would be how she acted at a blues show. Trust me it works!

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