I know we're heading into the weekend, but get ready for Monday morning. There is a major concert announcement coming on Monday. Make sure you "like" 96.5 The Fox on Facebook, get to our website, and download our app to get all the news on who's coming to North Dakota.

Here' are the ways you can stay in-the-know about Monday's concert announcement, as well as all other important announcements:

  1. CHECK BACK TO OUR WEBSITE - The first way you can keep up with concerts and everything else is by coming right here to the website, 965thefox.com. All information major concerts and other announcements will be available right on the homepage.
  2. "LIKE" US ON FACEBOOK - This is another great way to stay up-to-date on all things we have going on at The Fox. By "like-ing" us on Facebook, you'll instantly get headlines about all the big events right on your personal page's news feed.
  3. DOWNLOAD OUR APP - The Fox app is available for both iPhone and Android, so you can get it in the App Store or on Google Play. By getting the app, you'll get push notifications like, events, contests, concerts, and more.

Check back with The Fox on Monday morning for the big concert announcement.




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