The coronavirus has gone nuts. Spreading all over the place. We wake up one day, and it's in our community. The experts tell us to "Try and relax, stay calm". I don't remember, however, anyone telling us to rush out and buy all the toilet roles in the world. I didn't want to believe what I was hearing about, this sudden mad obsession with TP. I thought it was another RASH of bad rumors, flowing like an ugly case of DIARRHEA.

Then one day, it happened, I saw it with my own two eyes, a shopping cart filled to the ceiling with the puffy white roles. I heard it with my own two ears, the panicked voice of a woman telling the clerk stories of other stores that had run out. The look of terror on her face, as she hurried out of there with her special "emergency" cargo.

There is hope! Check out this story of a true hero, read all about it by clicking here.

You're welcome.

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