By mistake, I stumbled on a couple of episodes of this USA show and was instantly glued  here's why. 

So I started watching the Biggie-Tupac  unsolved drama and was hooked pretty quickly, mainly because of the flow of the story but also because of the acting. Josh Duhamel originally from Minot, could've fooled me. He was straight up gangsta in the show.

If you would've asked me where he was from not knowing, I would've said the Bronx in NY, he had that much edge to him. I guess that's why they are professionals . The show took more on a film feel than some made for TV movie. The Flashbacks were good, the story was easy to follow and the premise was pretty authentic... I would give it 4 Foxes out of 5 :)

Great shows like that allow you to compare some situations that go on in the show to real life and this one definitely does that in it's own way.

It wasn't like I was going to be shot or anything like what happened to them, it was more about the issues they were having back then with the black community and the LA PD and how those issues had cooled in this day an age. Or the fact that the artists were being taken advantage of by their record companies and there were bigger situations at play than just 2 rappers in an East Coast West Coast rap war, there was also a money fight.

Anyway, without giving away the plot, it's definitely a great series to check out even if it's just to cheer on Josh ! Here's the official trailer Unsolved : The Murders of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G

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