North Dakota's most eligible bachelor is officially hands-off.  It appears Josh Duhamel and his fiance Audria Mari got married over the weekend in Mari's hometown of Fargo.

The two had recently got their marriage license from a Cass County Courthouse setting the stage for the two to marry.  You can read more about that here.

There was lots of speculation on when and where the two would marry but it looks like it was at a hotel in Fargo.  In typical Josh Duhamel fashion, the down-to-earth couple crashed several bars in Fargo, including Duffy's Irish Tavern.  Here's a photo of the groom and bride inside the bar courtesy of Duffy's Facebook Page.

According to TMZ, the couple hung out for about 30 minutes and were celebrating.  They had a few drinks, engaged with the patrons, and were very respectful.  The Duhamels eventually left the bar and were chauffeured around town in a red convertible.

The TMZ article went on to say the couple got married Saturday and consummated the marriage high up top the Jasper Hotel in Fargo.  According to eyewitnesses the two also got married in the same hotel.

The two announced to the world they would be getting engaged on Josh's Instagram account in early 2022 on a beach in Florida.  The same day that Audra Mari celebrated her 28th birthday.  Josh Duhamel is nearly twice Audri's age at 49.

Knowing what a big Minnesota Vikings fan Josh Duhamel is, there's a pretty good bet the Duhamels were watching the Vikings beat the Packers Sunday in Minneapolis.

Congrats to the North Dakota couple and many years of health and happiness.


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