In so many ways Josh Duhamel is a "No Brainer" for the role of promoting his home state of North Dakota

So if you are one of those people that are in charge of looking for someone to hire to be a role model if you will, to represent North Dakota, and help attract visitors to our state, what qualities would appeal to you? To me, one of the most important assets a person could have is the ability to have that down-to-earth normalcy about them, and that is one of Josh's strengths. It's also pretty important in my mind, that the person is a North Dakota native ( although not entirely necessary ), someone who knows first-hand the lifestyle of North Dakotans, once again another reason why Josh Duhamel is a "No Brainer" pick.

Josh is everything I have mentioned above and more, plus he has experience

A native of Minot, North Dakota, Josh has been "the lure" for many to come out and visit North Dakota since 2013. His contract had expired, and just this week it was announced that he will continue to represent North Dakota. According to "North Dakota’s tourism agency confirmed Tuesday to The Associated Press that the star of several “Transformers” movies will be paid $75,000 to be the face of the state’s tourism campaign for the next two years" - In the past, the agency has had great success with pointing out Duhamel's love for fishing, the outdoors, and attending local college sporting events. Never mind that he is a well-known celebrity in the entertainment world, to North Dakotans he is just "an average guy"

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