Every part of this story scares the you-know-what out of me...

...and no doubt you'll feel the same way. My kryptonite is heights. Either on a plane or even looking out the window of a very tall building, my knees get weak, and my hands become clammy with sweat - and please don't make me watch those videos of window washers on a skyscraper, OR even worse, someone walking along the edge of the Grand Canyon. When I was a kid, I visited Grand Canyon just once, and I distinctly remember the closest I came to any ledge out there was MAYBE  20 yards away - A Casselton, ND teen was a lot more brave than myself.

My worst nightmare by far was experienced by 13-year-old Wyatt Kauffman

We are still in summer mode, and for many families around the country that is the best time to take a vacation - plan somewhere you have always wanted to visit, and take off for a much-needed relaxing getaway - however for 13-year-old Wyatt Kauffman from Casselton, North Dakota that trip turned out almost fatal. He and his mother set some time apart to check out some classic Grand Canyon sites. A simple "North Dakota Nice" gesture ended in disaster - “I was up on the ledge and was moving out of the way so other people could take a picture,” Kaufmann said to a TV Station. Then he fell...

A fall of nearly 100 feet

According to apnews.com " A 13-year-old North Dakota boy has survived a fall of nearly 100 feet at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon during a family trip"   Wow - to me that is a miracle. A dramatic Two hours it took for emergency crews to haul Wyatt to safety. "The teenager was airlifted to a Las Vegas hospital for treatment of nine broken vertebrae plus a ruptured spleen, a collapsed lung, a concussion and a broken hand and dislocated finger" Even more incredible news: Wyatt and his mother are expected to come back home to Casselton by tomorrow ( Tuesday )

"We're just lucky..."...

...Wyatt's father who was not with them on their trip said the obvious - “We’re just lucky we’re bringing our kid home in a car in the front seat instead of in a box" Brian Kauffman told KPNX.

Once again I call it a TRUE North Dakota MIRACLE!



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